How to Wash Your Car Using the Rain

Is your car looking a bit shabby but you’re low on cash? Or perhaps you are preparing to have your junk car evaluated and you want to spruce it up without investing too much money in it? If so, the rain might be of help. Did you know that rainwater is naturally soft, meaning that is has a neutral pH and is entirely free of hard minerals and contaminants? It’s true; rainwater is pure, soft water that is ideal for car washing!

Continue below to learn how to use the rain to wash your car, as well as where to get the most cash for your junked or totaled vehicle in Cincinnati, OH!

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Auto Salvage Cincinnati Ohio 513-991-4776

What You Will Need to Wash Your Car in the Rain

The great thing about washing your car by rain is that it is practically free. In fact, all the supplies you need to get the job done are likely already in your possession. And if you don’t have all the necessary materials required to wash your car in the rain, you can purchase them for as low as $1 a piece at your local Dollar Tree or Dollar General store.

Here is what you need to wash your car using the rain:

☑ Microfiber Cloth
☑ Large Wet Sponge (Or even a broom!)
☑ Bottle of Liquid Dish Soap – Any brand will do. We recommend Dawn®.
☑ Squeegee (optional)

How to Get Started:

When it comes to washing your car using the rain, your first step is to place your vehicle in a position where all sides will be exposed to rainfall, except the undercarriage course.

Once your car is in the perfect position, take your bottle of liquid dish soap and douse your car generously on all doors, the hood, the trunk, and the top.

Next, take your large sponge and what it down. Then, using all the elbow grease you have, begin to scrub your vehicle all over, ensuring that you get every exposed surface area including your windshields, windows, and wheels.

Now you are ready to wait for the rain! If rain is not already in the forecast at a high percent chance, you may have to do a little rain dance! Do not begin the first phase of this process unless you know it really is going to rain; otherwise, you’ll be stuck rinsing your car off with a garden hose and buckets of water.

After It Rains:

Once the rainfall has come and gone, try to go out to your car as soon as possible before it dries. Start your vehicle up and turn the windshield wipers on to clear your front windshield.

Then, using your microfiber cloth, begin wiping down your car, ensuring that you absorb every single raindrop.

If you do not have a back windshield wiper, use a squeegee to remove raindrops from the surface. And you are all done!

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