5 Things You Should Never Do if You Want to Be a Good Car Owner

Good car ownership goals are not hard to achieve. All you need to do is stay current on all factory scheduled maintenance. In addition to routine car maintenance and care, you’ll also want to drop any bad habits you’ve developed as a driver over the years.

Continue reading to learn the top 5 things you should never do if you aim to be a good car owner and you want your vehicle to last as long as possible.

Local Auto Salvage Cincinnati OH 513-991-4776
Local Auto Salvage Cincinnati OH 513-991-4776

Car Maintenance and Driving Errors to Avoid

In some cases, there’s nothing you can do to prevent certain mechanical breakdowns and automotive failures in your vehicle. But for the most part, foreseeable issues can be avoided with quality car care and regular scheduled car maintenance. Talk to your automotive mechanic to learn the best car maintenance schedule for your vehicle.

In the meantime, here are the top 5 things you need to always avoid as a car owner:

Driving With Bad Breaks

Your brakes are one of the most important automotive components in your vehicle. As soon as they start to go bad or show signs of deterioration, it is vital that you take it into an automotive repair shop to have the brake pads and rotors replaced or serviced. One of the worst things you can do as a car owner is drive around with bad breaks or failing brake system. Even if your brakes are squeaking or squealing, it is in your best interest to pull your car over and have it towed to the nearest automotive shop for repairs.

Driving With an Overheating Engine

Just like driving around with bad breaks, driving with an overheating engine is one of the worst things you can do to your vehicle. Your engine is overheating because it is lacking lubrication and generating too much heat and friction. You are basically rubbing metal on metal when you drive around with an engine that is overheating. Furthermore, the fumes produced by the overheating engine can be dangerous to you and other drivers’ because it can obstruct vision on the road. Never drive around with an overheating engine.

Driving On Worn Tires

Your car tires are the single point of impact between your car in the road. For ultimate driving safety and performance, including fuel efficiency, it is important to keep your tires properly inflated. More importantly, bald tires should always be replaced with adequately treaded tires. Never drive around on bald or worn tires, as this is incredibly dangerous and can put more strain on other mechanical systems within your vehicle.

Failing To Refill Vital Automotive Fluids

Your vehicle requires all sorts of automotive fluids to perform safely and efficiently, however 7 are essential to all cars and trucks. They include motor oil, transmission fluid, radiator fluid (also known as coolant), brake fluid, power steering fluid, windshield wiper fluid, and if applicable, battery fluid. It is important to ensure that all automotive fluids are drained and refilled as recommended by the automotive manufacturer. You can find this information in your car’s owner’s manual, or you can ask a local mechanic.

Ignoring Warning Lights

Your vehicle is designed with innovative indicator and warning light systems for reason. The car’s computer can detect all sorts of electrical glitches, mechanical failures, and defects within your vehicle. Once an issue is detected, the corresponding warning light will illuminate on your dashboard. One of the worst mistakes you can make as a car owner is ignoring any type of warning light. Sometimes the underlying issue is something as simple as tightening the gas cap, so don’t be afraid to have your car diagnosed when this happens to you.

Have you just learned that your car is totaled because the repairs cost more than what your car is actually worth as of today? If so, contact GC’s Junk Cars at 513-991-4776 to sell a totaled car to one of our experienced and friendly junk car buyers in Cincinnati, Ohio.  We provide free junk car removal and instant offers!

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What You Need to Know About Storing a Car Long Term

Do you have an extra vehicle that is taking up valuable space on your property, making you consider the option of placing it in storage long term? If so, it is important that you do it the right way. Storing a car for the long run can pose several challenges ahead if you are not adequately prepared.

Continue reading learn what you need to know about storing your car long-term, including the best option for getting rid of a junk car that no longer serves a valuable purpose.

Cash for Cars Buyer Cincinnati Ohio 513-991-4776
Cash for Cars Buyer Cincinnati Ohio 513-991-4776

Long-Term Car Storage Tips

Store Your Car in a Closed and Protected Space

Ideally, when you are storing a car long-term, you want to keep it covered in or beneath an actual edifice, like a garage, parking canopy, or shed. As you can imagine, storing your car in an enclosed and secure space protects your vehicle from inclement weather, corrosion from external elements, wildlife tampering, vandalism, and all other general wear and tear hazards.

But the reality is, not everybody has access to these amenities. If you do not have a garage to park your vehicle in for long-term storage, you can rent a covered or enclosed space from a local storage facility in town, or you can rely on the other tips in this blog for long-term car storage. Keep in mind that storage facility fees are very high and always changing, plus you must sign a legally binding contract to rent storage unit space.

If renting a storage space for your vehicle is not in the budget, you can purchase an automobile tarp that can be draped over the entire vehicle wherever it’s parked. Just be sure to use center blocks or buckets of cured cement to secure the tarp down to the ground. You may need to check with your homeowners’ association before parking a covered vehicle in the driveway or on the street, long-term.

Take Care of the Automotive Fluids

Before placing your car into storage for a long period of time, it is important to take care of all the automotive fluids, namely the motor oil and gasoline. First, have the oil changed in the vehicle. Motor oil can expire and go bad, so it is important to have a fresh reserve in your vehicle to avoid corrosion and other internal engine problems.

You also want to top off the gas. Having a full gas tank is important when it comes to storing a car long-term because it prevents moisture from the accumulating inside of the fuel tank. Such moisture can cause all sorts of internal damages, including drying out the seals. You can take this a step further by also using a fuel stabilizer to prevent ethanol buildup inside the fuel tank.

Additional fluids to consider topping off include windshield proper fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, battery fluid, and radiator fluid (coolant).

Charge The Battery Periodically

When you are placing a car in long-term storage, it is not a set it and forget it kind of situation. It is important to have somebody periodically charge the car battery by starting the engine, or better yet, driving it around for 10 to 15 minutes. If these measures are not taken, the battery will lose its charge and die. While doing this, it is wise to run air conditioning as well, which will prevent poor air quality the next time you drive your vehicle.

If you’re not up for periodically charging the car better, you can disconnect the negative battery cable. This will prevent the juice from being used up inside the battery. Another option is to install a battery tender, also called a trickle charger. You’ll need a wall outlet to use this.

Are you turned off by the idea of preparing your car for long-term storage, and would rather just get rid of it altogether? Contact GC’s Junk Cars at 513-991-4776 to sell a surplus car to a reputable junk car buyer in Cincinnati, Ohio.  We provide free junk car removal and instant offers!

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How to Sell a Junk Car With an Expired Registration

If you are planning to sell a car that is junked, but the registration is no longer active, you may have some concerns. Namely, you may fear that you could run into some red tape or roadblocks during the junk car selling process or receive less money for your junk car. But the reality is, most junk cars have expired registrations with the exception of those that are recently totaled.  An expired registration should not hold you back from getting rid of your junk car as long as you choose the right path.

Continue reading to learn how to sell a junk car with an expired registration in Cincinnati Ohio, and which local auto salvage yard to choose for the best cash for cars service.

Cash for Cars Company Cincinnati 513-991-4776
Cash for Cars Company Cincinnati 513-991-4776

Expired Paperwork and Junk Cars

You do not need to have an active registration to sell a junk car in Cincinnati, Ohio. Although a registration is helpful for proving ownership before selling a junk car, it is not something that is required or mandatory. In fact, some Cash for Cars Companies in Cincinnati OH will accept an expired registration as proof of ownership. Others will require an additional piece of evidence to prove ownership along with an expired registration.

Fortunately, there are several ways to prove ownership on a junk car, including car titles, insurance policies, BMV records, and more. Talk to your local Cincinnati junk car buyer for assistance with locating viable proofs of ownership for your junk car.

Furthermore, auto salvage yards in Cincinnati do not require you to have an active or valid registration, which means you do not have to renew the registration for your junk car in order to sell it. This will save you money and time. Registrations only make a vehicle legal to operate, so most state laws, including here in Ohio, do not require vehicles to be registered for the purpose of scrapping and recycling.

Although you do not need to register a junk car to legally sell it, you will need to renew the registration if you plan on keeping your junk car in your driveway or in a public area for a long period of time. Check with your local and state laws to ensure the guidelines on parking a totaled her junk vehicle.

Estimating Junk Car Value

The total value of your junk car will depend on various factors, mostly the local and macro economies, as well as the current scrap metal prices. You must choose a qualified and reputable Cincinnati cash for cars company to ensure that you are getting the highest payout for your junked or totaled car. Also be sure to choose a company that provides free customer amenities, such as junk car removal, to make the process easier for you. A trusted Ohio junk car buyer will use the latest technologies, such as access for analyzing equipment and electronic flatbed weight scales to ensure accurate evaluations.

Here in the Buckeye State, there are thousands of ways you can get rid of a junk car. But the secret to making the junk car selling process easy and profitable it to find the right Cincinnati Cash for Cars Company to do business with. Contact GC’s Junk Cars at 513-991-4776 to sell a junk car to an experienced and friendly junk car buyer in Cincinnati, Ohio. We provided free junk car removal service!

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Cincinnati OH Cash for Cars 513-991-4776
Call 513-991-4776 for a Free Junk Car Quote!

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Cash for Cars Company Cincinnati Ohio 513-991-4776

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