Will it Be Expensive to Replace a Catalytic Converter?

Let’s get right to the point; shall we? Catalytic converters are expensive auto parts, regardless of your vehicle’s make or model. In fact, many vehicles are left as a total loss after the catalytic converter breaks down because the cost to replace one often exceeds their current market value.

Continue reading to learn why catalytic converters are higher in price, when a car is deemed totaled after one breaks down, and perhaps most importantly, how you can save some cash on a new catalytic converter in Cincinnati, Ohio!

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Auto Salvage Cincinnati Ohio 513-991-4776

Catalytic Converter Composition

Catalytic converters play a vital role in the operation of your vehicle. Whether you drive a car, truck, SUV, or van, you have a catalytic converter. Why are catalytic converters so important? Well, they are in charge of converting harmful tailpipe emissions produced by your vehicle’s engine. Because they have to deal with extreme temperatures, catalytic converters are made from precious metals, like platinum, tungsten, and rhodium.

A precious metal is naturally occurring, rare element that is high in economic value. Examples of precious metals include gold, silver, and platinum, the latter of which is a primary material used to make catalytic converters!

So, because catalytic converters are made from metals and materials that do not come cheap or plentiful, they are more expensive to make. As a result, they have a higher price tag on the market.

Average Cost of Catalytic Converter Replacement

The cost of a new catalytic converter will depend on your vehicle’s make and model. Your total price, however, will depend on additional factors, like the labor costs at the auto shop. On average, you can expect a new catalytic converter to cost anywhere from $950 and $2500. Now, that just an average. It is possible to get a cheaper price, perhaps for popular cars or smaller cars.

2 Ways to Get a Discount on a New Catalytic Converter

To avoid paying full price for a new catalytic converter, consider these two options:

Buy a Used Catalytic Converter: You may be able to locate a used, refurbished catalytic converter for your make and model vehicle. Used parts are significantly cheaper than new ones. Just be sure you are buying from a trusted retailer.

Sell Your Old One: Many Cincinnati auto salvage lots accept junked car parts. Some even pay you for them! The good news here is that catalytic converters have among the highest value. Find a company that pays out for junked car parts and apply that cash toward your new catalytic converter.

Want to know which junk car lot pays cash on the spot for automotive junk and broken car parts? Just contact GC’s Junk Cars at 513-991-4776 to sell a catalytic converter in Cincinnati, Ohio and its surrounding counties. We pay cash on the spot and offer the highest payouts around!

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