How to Get Rid of Old Gas in a Junk Car

Gasoline ages, and when it does, not only does it lose performance value, but it also becomes a hazardous material. If you are preparing to sell a junk car, it is important to remove the gasoline before trading it over for cash. But more importantly, you need to dispose of the old gas safely and within local and state regulations.

Continue reading to learn how to siphon gasoline from a junk car and how to get rid of both, safely.

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Cincinnati Cash for Junk Cars Company 513-991-4776

Gasoline Siphoning Tips

Why remove old fuel from a junk car if you are going to sell it anyways? Well, many auto salvage yards will charge an additional fee for gasoline removal, which comes out of your original offer. If you want to make the most money from selling your junk car, it is wise to do all that you can to avoid incurring additional fees. If your junk car has fresh gasoline in it, you can reuse it in another fuel-powered commodity or vehicle.

How to Siphon Gas:

DO NOT attempt to siphon gasoline from a car by sucking it through a tube or hose!

1) Purchase a fuel transfer siphon pump ($10-$15) and a government-approved gas can ($3-$12).

2) Push the correct end of the tubing deep into the fuel well. Push the other end of the tubing into the gas can.

3) Follow manufacturers’ instructions for pumping the gasoline out. Siphon pumps work differently depending on the model you buy. Some have mechanical pumps, while others have inflatable bulbs or automatic switches.

4) Just before the fuel empties, raise the tubing out of the gas can to stop the flow, or turn the pump off if yours is mechanical or automatic.

5) Remove the tubing from the fuel well.

How to Dispose of Old Gasoline

Getting rid of old gasoline is not as easy as tossing it into the trash. In fact, that would be illegal. It is extremely important to dispose of old gasoline safely, and in accordance with all local, state, and EPA regulations. Once your fuel is in a government-certified container, contact a local hazardous waste disposal center for instructions on how to drop it off. Some centers will provide pickup schedules, so you don’t have to drop it off yourself.

How to Get Rid of a Junk Car

Once your junk car is emptied of all gasoline, continue the preparation process by removing all personal belongings, plates (front and back), and trash from the vehicle. Now you are ready to find a reputable and established Ohio auto salvage company that will pay you top-dollar for your junk car! Not sure where to begin your search for the best junk car buyers in Cincinnati? Why don’t you just skip the hassle and go straight to the most trusted source for instant Cash for Cars in Ohio?

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