Is My Car Totaled if the Speedometer is Broken?

Speedometers are important automotive devices because they monitor and display your vehicle speed in real time. So, if your speedometer is broken, or beginning to fail, you may be concerned that it’s the end of the line for your ride. In some cases, it may be. In other cases, speedometers can be repaired. It all depends.

Continue reading to learn what you need to know about speedometer repair and replacement, and what to do if your car is totaled as a result of a broken speedometer in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Totaled Car Buyers Cincinnati Ohio 513-991-4776
Totaled Car Buyers Cincinnati Ohio 513-991-4776

Identifying Speedometer Malfunction

You will likely notice it right away if your speedometer begins to malfunction. After many years of driving and operating a vehicle, you mostly interpret your speed, especially on the roads you are most familiar with. So, when you’re going much faster or much slower than what the speedometer is reading, it is time to have your vehicle inspected by a licensed mechanic.

Whether your speedometer can be repaired or not depends on various factors, including the current condition of your vehicle, your vehicles make and model, and the underlying cause of the speedometer malfunction. If you drive a classic car or rare car, you may have limited options on replacement parts, making speedometer replacement impossible.

Speedometer Repair and Replacement

Speedometers generally begin to malfunction as a result of an electrical issue, such as bad fuses or wiring. Automotive electrical pair is something that is reasonably-priced, and a service offered by most mechanics. If your speedometer is failing due to a defective speed sensor, a quick re-calibration may do the trick. This is also an inexpensive repair. Another common cause for speedometer malfunction is Engine Control Unit (ECU) failure.

Total Automotive Breakdown

When the cause of a broken or malfunctioning speedometer is serious, such as internal engine failures or irreplaceable auto electrical systems, your car could be deemed a total loss. But not to worry. You can only sell a total car to a local Cincinnati junk car buyer for cash on the spot. Just be sure to choose a reliable Cash For Cars Company in Ohio if you want the maximum payout for your totaled vehicle.

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