Did You Total a Car With an Unpaid Loan?

Totaling a car is panic-worthy enough, but when you still owe on the auto loan, your level of anxiety can reach alarming levels. Fortunately, there are options available to help you make it right once again. Continue below to learn what to do if you still owe on a totaled vehicle, plus how to earn fast cash for your junk car in Cincinnati.

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Totaled Car Buyers Cincinnati Ohio

Brief Explanation of a Total Loss Vehicle

Although it can vary from state to state, a car is deemed totaled if it meets one or more of the following circumstances: 1) the cost to repair it exceeds the actual cash value (ACV), 2) repairing it would be dangerous, or 3) it meets the state’s total loss guidelines. So, you know your car is totaled, but you still owe on the car loan. What do you do? Well, you have at least 3 viable options. The course you choose will depend on your current economic condition, state regulation, and the discretion of the insurance company.

How to Deal With a Totaled Car You Still Owe Money On

► Pay Off the Remaining Auto Loan Balance

An auto loan or financing agreement does not disappear when a car is totaled. Unfortunately, you are still legally obligated to pay. Sure, paying off the remaining auto loan balance is easier said than done, but nonetheless, a viable option worth mentioning. By satisfying the remainder of the loan or financing plan, you can avoid any future financing problems or approvals. You can either pay the balance in full or continue making your regular scheduled payments.

► Negotiate a Deal With the Insurance Company

If you cannot afford to pay off the auto loan or have barely made any payments as of yet due to it being a brand new car, you might be able to strike a deal with the insurance company. Do your research to see how much your car’s actual cash value is using trusted, certified sources like KBB or Autotrader, then use this data to prove that your vehicle is worth more than what the insurance company is willing to pay.

What NOT To Do

The above two options are what you can do after totaling a vehicle you still owe on, but there is one thing you should not do. It is strongly discouraged to roll the remaining auto loan balance into a new loan. This will only increase your interest payments, making it harder to pay it off in a reasonable time frame. Keep your auto loan and other loans separate.

If you are not happy with the insurance company offer for your totaled vehicle, sell it for cash on the spot to a trusted Ohio auto salvage yard! Contact GC’s Junk Cars at 513-991-4776 for professional cash for totaled cars in Cincinnati Ohio. We provide free junk car removal and instant offers! Request a free offer today!

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Important Documents That Should Be Kept in Your Vehicle

When you purchase a vehicle, or at least drive one around legally, you will be in possession of certain documents. Some of these documents should be kept inside the vehicle always, while others are better left in a safe spot at home.

Continue reading to learn which automotive documents stay in the car and which do not, plus where you can get free junk car removal in Ohio if your vehicle was just totaled.

Ohio Free Junk Car Removal 513-991-4776
Ohio Free Junk Car Removal 513-991-4776

Which Papers Go in the Glove Box?

You wouldn’t keep your wedding ring in your gym locker, nor would you store your gym shorts in your briefcase. The same principles apply when it comes to your car paperwork. Some documents should be kept in the glove compartment, console, or binder in the vehicle at all times, while some others are safer in the security of your own home, or safety deposit box.

So, which is which? After all, you have your car title, state registration, insurance, maybe AAA, and possibly even your Bill of Sale. Here is a quick reference guide to use when organizing your vehicle’s documents:

Keep These Documents in the Car:

▶ Car Registration

The law requires all vehicles to be registered with the state in order to be legally driven on the road. For this reason, your car’s registration is an important document that should stay with the car at all times. The registration proves that your vehicle is legal and authorized in accordance with the license plate. If you are pulled over for a traffic stop, the officer will ask you to see this document.

▶ Proof of Insurance

The law also requires that all drivers maintain the state minimum for liability car insurance coverage. In the case of an accident, whether your fault or not, you will be asked to show your proof of insurance. A police officer will also need to see this document in the case that you are stopped for a traffic violation. Some people also get an insurance card along with their document, allowing them to have a second source in the wallet or at home.

Keep These Documents at Home:

▶ Car Title

The car title is proof of ownership for the car. This is one of the most important car papers to keep track of, which is why it should be kept safe at home, in a safe, or in a locked security deposit box. If you are pulled over for a traffic stop, the police officer will not ask to see the car title, even if they suspect that the car is stolen. They can use your registration to prove that you are authorized driver of the vehicle.

▶ Bill of Sale

The Bill of Sale is not something you want or need to keep in your car. Sometimes, car owners do not receive a Bill of Sale, such may be the case if they purchase their car from a dealership. If you do have some version of a Bill of Sale for your vehicle, just keep it at home with your car title.

Did you just totaled your car and now you need to scrap it? Contact GC’s Junk Cars at 513-991-4776 for professional cash for cars service in Cincinnati Ohio. Our junk car buyers only pay in cash, and we even provide free junk car removal service!

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Will My Insurance Cover Towing Fees for a Totaled Car?

Whether you totaled your car today or in the recent past, you can safely assume you will not be able to drive it where it needs to go. Most people have their totaled vehicles towed to their homes, while others choose to have their cars and trucks towed directly to an auto body shop. In either case, you might be wondering who is responsible for the towing expenses. Will you pay for towing out of pocket and get reimbursed by your insurance carrier later on? Will your insurance company even pay you back? These are good questions to ask yourself considering you could possibly get stuck with the immediate, non-negotiable expense.

Continue below to learn a little bit about auto insurance basics, namely when they might cover towing fees for a totaled car, but also what you can do if your carrier will not pay for a tow.

Cincinnati Junk Car Company 513-991-4776
Cincinnati Junk Car Company 513-991-4776

State Minimum Liability for Car Insurance Coverage

All drivers in all states are required to have minimum liability car insurance coverage. If you choose to, you can upgrade from this basic, state-required level of auto insurance, which may come in handy in the case that you wreck or total your car. Here is a break down of common insurance coverages, plus whether or not they pay for totaled car towing:

Minimum Liability Insurance – This type of car insurance coverage only covers bodily injury and properly damages for other drivers and their passengers. It does not cover your own injuries, nor does it cover property damages, including the damage to your car. This policy would not pay for towing service.

Comprehensive Insurance – This insurance coverage will cover damages to your car when it is damaged by an incident other than an auto collision. For instance, if a tree falls on your car or a flash flood comes through, your insurance will cover the repairs to your vehicle. This insurance does not reimburse for towing expenses.

Collision – Collision auto insurance can be added to your existing policy and will cover auto body repairs or vehicle replacement if you are in a car wreck. However, it may or may not cover towing costs. You must check with your carrier to confirm towing coverage.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage – If you are hit by another driver who is not insured or doesn’t have enough car insurance coverage, this auto insurance will cover you. This may or may not cover towing expenses. However, in most cases, it does.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) – Also known as gap insurance, this type of auto insurance coverage will pay for remaining loan obligations in the case that you total your car. This does not cover towing in the case that you totaled your car.

Roadside Assistance Coverage – When you want free or inclusive towing privileges in the case that you total your car, you will need to add roadside assistance coverage to your existing policy. Such coverage comes in different levels, such as basic or premium, and will cover most roadside emergency situations, such as flat tires, overheating engines, fuel fill-ups, locked keys in the car, fluid refills, and more.

Are you looking for a simple and speedy way to get free towing for your totaled car in Cincinnati? Contact GC’s Junk Cars at 513-991-4776 to sell a junk car to an experienced and friendly junk car buyer in Cincinnati, Ohio. We provided free junk car removal service!

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Cincinnati OH Cash for Cars 513-991-4776
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8 Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance

We all want to save money, but when it comes to the real expenses in life, that’s where savings really matters. Car insurance coverage is one of those fixed-costs in life that tends to place pressure on the budget. But the good news is, there are plenty of ways to save on a new car insurance policy! All you have to do is take advantage of them!

Continue reading to learn 8 super easy and effective ways to save money on car insurance, plus what you can do if your totaled car is not covered under an active policy at the moment.

Totaled Car Auto Salvage Ohio 513-991-4776
Totaled Car Auto Salvage Ohio 513-991-4776

Top Auto Insurance Discounts You May Be Eligible For

You might think that car insurance discounts are a thing of folklore or fable, but they really do exist. Of course, you might not be eligible for every possible auto insurance discount out there, but you will certainly be qualified to take advantage of at least one! For instance, simply being a safe driver will earn you auto insurance savings!

Whether you are new to the car insurance world or just between policies at the moment, these 8 car insurance discounts can help you save a notable amount of cash on annual coverage rates:

Anti-Theft Features

If you install carrier-approved anti-theft features on your vehicle, you could qualify for an auto insurance discount. Such features to consider include alarm systems or stolen vehicle recovery transceivers.

Automotive Safety Features

In addition to anti-theft and vandalism installations, you may also be able to earn a discount for certain car safety features. Such features may include anti-lock brakes (ABS) and airbag systems.

Good Student

The Insurance Information Institute (III) suggests that if you are a good student who can consistently keep your grades up, you may be able to earn a student discount on auto insurance. Many carriers are on board with this initiative to keep students in school.

Early Renewal

Some car insurance companies will give clients a discount or incentives for renewing their policy early before it can expire. Signing up for a new policy before your old one expires is best practice in all cases, but some carriers will reward you for it.

Low Mileage

Some auto insurance carriers will offer a discounted rate for those who do not drive very much. Since there is less chance that the driver will need to file a claim, they are willing to reduce their monthly or annual rate.  In some cases, a carrier will offer policies based on how many miles a driver averages per year.

Multiple Policy

By choosing to combine multiple insurance coverage within one carrier, you could set yourself up for an auto insurance discount. These are referred to as “multi-policy” discounts, and many insurance companies offer them for those who qualify. For instance, use the same carrier for your home, auto, motorcycle, and boat insurance to get a better rate. The Insurance Information Institute (III) suggests insurance companies do this to reward for client loyalty.

Safe Driver

If you think you won’t qualify for any auto insurance discounts, you will be pleased to learn that safe driving counts! According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), many insurance companies are willing to offer reduced rates or discounts for drivers with great driving records, free of collisions, accidents, and traffic violations.


There are insurance companies out there that will grant a reduced rate or discount for car insurance if the driver agrees to enroll in a telematics program. A telematics device is installed in the vehicle, which basically monitors and records driving data that insurers collect for research and marketing purposes.

*Some insurers offer these discounts, while others do not. Check with all potential carriers to be sure which discounts are available.

Are you worried about paying a massive car insurance deductible after totaling your vehicle in Ohio? Well, you don’t have to worry at all! Just contact GC’s Junk Cars at 513-991-4776 to sell a totaled car to a professional junk car buyer in Cincinnati, Ohio. We offer free towing and pay cash on the spot!

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